Beautiful young girl gives out money, food in video

Young Girl Money Food


A compassionate young girl was recorded in a heartwarming video, generously distributing money, food, and other items to beggars on the street.

The footage captures the girl positioned by a car window, as it gradually moves along.

Young Girl

A voice accompanying her can be heard throughout the video.

In this touching clip, the young girl earnestly implores the street beggars to accept her offerings, urging them to take what she has to give.

Young girl

Since its upload on Twitter, the video has garnered significant attention from viewers, eliciting a range of reactions from those who have watched it.

See some reactions below:

Peter: “I’m not comfortable with how exposed the child is. Someone could carry her. The window is wound down too low.”

Koasi: “I don’t get the point of posting videos of helping the less privileged on social media. It’s embarrassing and imagine if you were in their shoes?? Just help someone without letting the world know.”

Walshak: “The mother is a good mother. She is teaching these kids how to be sympathetic, how to treat people right despite the status. The moment she told the other kids “Please take” , it points out that being richer than them doesn’t make her better, it’s just a privilege.”

Olajuwon: “My mums used to make us do this stuff when we were younger. You won’t realise how much impact this has on you until you’re older and you’re just like that.” 




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