High Chief Sobomabo Jackrich has been a Long Standing Army Fighting for the Dignity and THE ACTUALIZATION OF UPLAND/RIVERINE DICHOTOMY FOR PEACE, EQUALITY AND JUSTICE in the Committee of democracy and Demanding Good Governance from Operators of Institutions!

Nigeria truely need a Ruthless, Die-hard and Selfless Leader, whose utmost interest will be to Tactfully and Courageously guide the constituency to her Haven of Peace, Progress and Prosperity!

If I am not mistaking, I think this is not about High Chief Sobomabo Jackrich, nor a political party But A MOVEMENT pioneered to mobilise like minded Patriots. Commandeer Comrades to Obey Clarion call to duty of Emancipation from the Tyranny of Blood Suckers in the opposition.

But to support High Chief Sobomabo Jackrich Heartbeat, Drive, Dreams, Aspirations, Passion and Strong Desire to see A NEW RIVERS STATE.

A MOVEMENT is not a respecter of Political Gimmicks or Manoeuvres.

A MOVEMENT is a Torrential Current of Flood of Mobilised Aggressors on Passionate Rampage Motion for A Long Desired Revolution!

My assumption is that a good heart is preferred to a good hand when it comes to Leadership and Governance.

With Great Brains as Team Players around Good Heart, the Speed of Accomplishment will be Dynamic!

It takes a Lion’s Heart to dig into the corruptions in the Corridors of Powers, both in LGA, State and national still be alive!

He is not only intelligent, but also have a lively Conscience and the strength of the mind to Drive his Vision to Fruition in the face of Obvious and Deadly Oppositions!

High Chief Sobomabo Jackrich is in strong collaboration with like minded patriots youths, sensitising them home and abroad

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For the fact that the common man may not be familiar with his Team Players does not mean that HE is running alone.

Mobilizing Diasporeans and Motivating Grassroots.

Delving into Corridors of Powers and Stimulating Opinion Leaders towards Emancipation of the vulnerable masses are all indicators that he is not running alone.

Movement is about Staying Focused on Motion and Driving Towards Desirable Destination

Talk is Cheap!
Even the donkey of Balaam spoke!

When Thoughts and Talk are backed up with Purpose Driven Actions, Delivery is a Must!


My name is Baron Wisdom

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