Why Paul Kagame Is The Pride Of Africa

1. In Rwanda chips are inserted in both public and private vehicles. So there is no need for drivers to be stop by police for license inspection. Once the license is expires the police are aware.

2. Because of the multiply of churches in Rwanda, President Paul Kagame closed all churches. And ordered the pastors to brought their pastoral certificates to him. Any pastor who adhere to this order without any irregularity will be permitted to reopens their churches

3. Paul Kagame baned all skin bleaching product that people applied on thier body to change their complextion.

4. Paul Kagame also baned all second hand cloth from importing into his country. Meaning Rwanda no longer used second hand European wears.

5. In every large communal government farms in Rwanda, there is availability of ambulance. It is there to attend to any farmer that get injured while farming.

6. In 2008 President Kagame gave loans to equal numbers of men & women to engaged in business and should also gave an account of the loan in a specific given time. They did account as required, the women had increased their profit in folds. But most of the men didnt survive. It is on this regards women receives 10% higher salaries in Rwanda than men.

7 Additionally Rwanda has the highest number of women parliamentarians in the world

8. In 2018 German car manufacturer Volkswagen AG has established a new car assembly plant in Rwanda. The following year, the first made car in Rwanda volkswagen is out of the factory.

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9. In Rwanda, every saturday is devoted to public hygiene, thought is not compulsory, and on this day, it is forbidden to drive cars, people are rather advice to walk

10. Kigali, Capital City of Rwanda is the cleanest city in Africa.

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