Video of cute young boy with his begger father stirs reaction

Young Boy Begger Father


A Twitter user by the name of Eight Dollars recently shared a series of photos and a video on his media page featuring a young boy accompanied by a man presumed to be his father.

The video portrayed the father engaging in begging activities, while the young boy walked alongside him, seemingly offering assistance or support.

Begger boy

Despite the challenging circumstances of the man, viewers couldn’t help but notice the adorable nature of the young boy.

The comment section flooded with praise for his undeniable cuteness.

The video and images garnered significant attention, with many users expressing their admiration for the charming boy.

See some reactions below:

Lola: “This broke my heart.”

Sasky: “If we find him and we are doing something please spread the word! He can have a bright future still!”

Ugwu: “Where is this? I can volunteer train the kid through school and take care of the old man. No child has to go through this.” 

Stephen: “Very handsome boy. I know them, they reside somewhere i used to work before in Onipanu. The boy is always cheerful fr. I really pray they find good help they desperately need cause they’ve been begging on that street for so long.”

Heralddt: “It’s so wonderful that humans sympathize with the pretty. If he wasn’t so good looking, nobody would care. This is our civilization.” 



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