The Smartest Man Who Ever Lived

Meet William James Sidis,The Smartest Man Who Ever Lived!!

William James Sidis Was Born In New York, USA in 1898. His IQ Was Estimated To Be Around 250 to 300, Which Is The Highest IQ To Be Ever Recorded. At The Age Of Just 18 Months Williams Was Able To Read The New York Times Magazine.

At Age Eight(8) He Taught Himself Eight(8) Languages, Which Were

  1.   Armenian
  2.  French
  3.  German
  4.  Greek
  5.  Hebrew
  6.  Latin
  7.  Russian
  8. Turkish

And In Addition To Those Eight(8) Languages He Invented His Own Language And Called It “Vendergood”.

Harvard At 11 Years Old

Sidis Was Accepted To Harvard At Age Nine(9), But The School Wanted Him To Wait Until He Was Eleven(11). Five Years Later, He Graduated Cum Laude.

His Harvard days, However, Were Not Full Of Happy Memories. He Had Been Made A Laughing Stock At Harvard,” Wallace says. “He Had Been Admitted,He Had Never Kissed A Girl. He Was Teased And Chased,And It Was Just Himiliating. And All He Wanted Was To Be Away From Academia And Be A Regular Working Man.”

Williams Sidis Was The Youngest Person To Be Ever Admitted At Harvard University At Age Eleven(11),In 1909.

His Knowledge Of Mathematics Peaked So Much That He Started Lecturing His Professors Instead Of Learning From Them As A Little Child “Prodigy”

Williams Sidis Completed His Bachelor Of Arts Degree At Age Sixteen (16).Immediately After His Graduation,Williams Told Reporter That, He Is Going To Live A Secluded Or Strange Life.

He Work In Several Low Income Jobs, Wrote A Multiple Books,Using Fictional Names And Was Briefly Imprisoned For His Protest Against American Involvement In World War 1.

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He Died At The Age Of Forty (46 ) Without Living No Solid Mark,As Expected Of A Genius!!!

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