The Pregnant Virgin!!!

In A Small Village, In The Western Part Of Nigeria, Lived A Girl Of 17,Named “Yemisi”.

Yemisi Lived With Her Both Parent And Six(6) Sisters In A Hut. She Had No Biological Brother.
Yemisi Became A Woman(Started Mensuration) At The Age Of 15,Since Then,Yemisi Experienced Her Monthly Flow For Four(4) Days,Every Month.


Yemisi Woke Up One Morning, In The Middle Of April 1995 With Dizziness Like A Woman Who Has Just Lost All Her Blood To Child Birth,Her Eyeballs Rolled Like The Clouds Envolving,Her Skin Went Pale Like Ashes Gotten From Coal.
Yemisi Parent Called On Neighborhood For Help,All Their Neighbors,Both Men,Women, Children, Old And Even The Physically Challenge People Tripped Into Yemisi’s Parent House.
Yemisi Was A Descent, Responsible, Respectful, Well-Mannered, Godfearing And Hardworking Teenager, Who Because Of Her Virtues Was Loved By All Her Environs And Every Creature That Came Across Her.

After Spending Over 3Hours Trying To Revive Her(Yemisi),To No Avail, She Was Rushed To A Nearby Hospital Where Clinical Examination Was Taken On Her.
Few Hours Later,Came Out The Doctor With His Face Squeezed Like Someone Who Has Vinegar In His Mouth, Tears Ran Through The Doctors Cheek,Seeing This Threw Yemisi’s Father To The Floor(Fainted) While Yemisi’s Mother, Sisters And Few Neighbors Who Took Her To The Hospital Flowed Out Tears ,Rushing To The Doctor And Stuttering

“Doctor, How Is Yemisi?
What’s Wrong With Her?
Will She Make It?
Is She Dead?
Please Tell Her,We Are All Here,Waiting For Her”
The Doctor Removed His Glasses From His Eyes,Removed His Nose Mask And Told Them That “Yemisi Is Not Dead,But…….. Tears Hurriedly Ran Down His(Doctor) Through His Cheeks,Yemisi Is 6Weeks Pregnant”

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“No Way! Its A Lie! Yemisi Can Never Be Pregnant” All Of Them,Yelled…..

No One Could Say,How Yemisi Got Pregnant, All They Waited For,Was For Yemisi To Recover So She Ordeal Her Story….


Six(6) Hours Later,Yemisi Recovered From The Trauma. “Where Am I? Why Am I Surrounded By Everyone? What Happened To Me,Where Is Father?” Those Were Her Questions. You Slump And Was Rushed In Here,Some Hours Ago,But You Are Better Now,The Doctor Said To Yemisi,But You Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,The Doctor Stammered, Yemisi……Darling,You Arrrre Pregnant, But How Did It Happened, My Sweetheart? Have You Met With Any Man Before?

Everyone Ears Rose Like That Of A Hare,To Hear How Yemisi Got Pregnant!!!


Yemisi, Flooded Tears From Her Eyes For An Hour,Even When Consoled,She Never Stopped, Stammering As She Narrated.
It Happened In Late January, When I Went To Fetch Firewood From The Bush.
As I Bend To Cut A Long Stick Into Two That Fateful Morning,I Heard Footsteps From My Back,Before I Could Turn Round,All I Could Recall Was To See Myself On The Floor,With Pains And Bleeding From My Vag*na After 2Hours. I Shouted For Help,But No One Came To My Aid,I Laid There Helpless For 3 Hours,Then Rose Up,Wash Myself In A Nearby River,Gather Some Leaves And Squeeze In My Vag*na.

Yemisi Had A Set Of Twins(Both Male) In September That Year,And Named Them After Seven(7) Days,As Traditions Demands

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