The Only Country In The World Without A Single Church

One of the largest religion in the world with so many Christianity from all over would never have wondered whether there could be a place on Earth where there is no church because it just doesn’t feel right.

The truth is that we have a country in Western Asia where no single church exist, do Christians exist in the country? The correct answer is yes, Christians are allowed in the country but only to work and no other co curricular activities like practicing religion.

Saudi Arabia is considered the largest state in Western Asia and the second largest amongst all Arab countries after Algeria with a geographical area covering approximately 2,150,000 km per square.

The country is dominated by Muslims who believe in prophet Muhammad as their saviour. The center of worship is Mecca where Muslims from all over the world come together once every year to worship.

The country has over one million Catholics but they are not allowed to congregate together and worship God, they are can only do so at the comfort of their homes.

I hope one day things will change and churches will be erected in Saudi Arabia, this is because in all other Christian dominated countries, they allow Muslims to worship Allah in mosques.


So the only country without a single church in the world is Saudi Arabia, now you know. Christians are hopeful that one day they will be given permission to worship God freely.

Do you think Saudi Arabia made the right decision not to accept Christians to have a place they can worship their God?

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