The Joy/Sorrow Of A Queen Who Was Pregnant For 36 Months (3 Years)

In A Village Called “Auke”, In The Middle-Belt(Benue State) In Nigeria. There Lived A King Named “King Ochohepo”

King Ochohepo Married Three Wives,The First Wife Gave Him 6 Girls Without Any Male,His Second Wife Gave Him 8 Girls Without Any Boy too,While His Last Wife Had No Child For Him.

King Ochohepo Lived Happily With His Three Wives And Daughters, Though He Felt So Bad,Because He Had No Male Child,That Didn’t Made Him Hate His Daughters, He So Much Loved His Daughters, Equally And Sent All Of Them To School.

Eight(8) Years After King Ochohepo Married His Third Wife,She Took In.
The King,His Two Wives And Daughters Were So Happy For The GoodNews.

But Shock And Worries Became Of The Family After 9 Months Showed No Sign Of Parturition. Ten Months Passed,12Months Passed,No Sign Showed Up And Their Worries Grew More.

King Ochohepo Third Wife Wasn’t Too Bothered Because She
Firmly Believed That She Feels Her Baby Kick And Moved.

At Fifteen Months Of Gestation, King Ochohepo Third Wife Went For Diagnosis ,Which Result Came Out Of A Condition Known As “Cryptic pregnancy” That Was Why She Could Find Comfort During Her pregnancy. 18Months Passed,24Months (2Years) Passed, The Kings Wife Never Gave Birth. She Kept Visiting Hospitals For Both Urine And Blood Pregnancy Tests,All Came Out Negative,Even When She Had a Uterine Abnormality, Her Ultrasounds Also Tested Negative Due To The Nature Of Her Cryptic Pregnancy.

King Ochohepo Third Wife’s Pregnancy Grew To 30 Months,32 Months And 35 Months.

 The Joy/Sorrow Of King                     Ochohepo.

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On The 36 th Month (3 Years) Of King Ochohepo Third Wife’s Gestation Period, That Beautiful Morning, She Had A Bouncing Baby Boy,The King Danced And Praised The gods For Giving Him The Best Gift In His Whole Life,It Was Unfortunate The King Lost Her To Death, Immediately The Boy Came Out Of The Womb.

The Entire Family And Kingdom Of King Ochohepo Celebrated The Only Son And The Heir To The Throne, And Buried The Third Queen 6 Months After Her Death.

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