Tears Of A Poor Orphan In Akorshi-Oweh

Tears Of A Poor Orphan In Akorshi-Oweh

In A Village Called “Akorshi-Oweh In The Hills Of Obanliku Local Government Area In Cross River State”

In The 70s,There Lived A Poor Orphan Called “Uzepi” Uzepi Was Just 6 years Old When She Lost Her Father To Accident (He Fell From A Palm Tree Where He Climbed To Tap palm wine),Two Days Later, Uzepi’s Mother Remained In Her Sleep (Dead). Uzepi’s Heart Was Wounded

Uzepi Grew Up In A Small Thatched House,Until She Was 8 Years.

Uzepi,Learnt Farming From Her Parent That At Six(6),She Could Identify All Her Parent Farmlands,Know All The Farming Products Seasons, When To Plant And When To Harvest.
Uzepi Could Till And Weed Grass At The Age Of 6Years.

Uzepi’s Fate

Uzepi’s Fate Began In 1981 When LandSlide Washed Off One Of Her Farmland With Farm Products On It,Uzepi Wept And Wept,She Marked The Date Just Like The Date She Lost Her Parent. Uzepi Got Out Of The Trauma After Months.

Uzepi Began To Put More Effort On The Other Two(2) Farmland She Had Remaining. She Worked On Her Farmland All Day And Moony Nights,Just To Bounce Back.
Uzepi Smiled Once Again,After One Year,When She Realized Triple Of Her Farm Products For That Year

  Uzepi’s Worst Fate!!!

Two Years After Uzepi Realised A Bountiful Farm Yield From Her Farm Products,The Worst Fate In Uzepi’s Life Came In The Winter Season Of Mid-80s When Her Two Farmland Was Caught And Razed Down By Fire From A Neighbor’s Farmland.

That Fateful Morning,Uzepi Left For Farming Just To Be Caught By A Thick-Covered ,Red, Cloudy Sky,Over Her Farmland. Uzepi Couldn’t Imagine What Her Thoughts Gave Her,All She Thought Was “Its A Dream,I Assume” Drawing Closer, Uzepi Ears Were Covered With A Heavy, Thunderous And Resounding Noise That She Couldn’t Stand On Her Feet.

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Uzepi’s Eyes Turned To Sea  Which Has Been Ruptured As Her Cheeks Rolled Down With Endless Tears,She Threw Herself On The Floor,Rolled To The North,South,East And West,She Cried Out Loud To Also Be Caught By The Fire,Just Then Was When An Old Skinny Man Clothed In White Adornment Appeared To Her,Asking Her To Stand.

Uzepi, Stood Up,Staggering And Shivering With Weariness And Tears Flowing Through Her Cheeks Like Waterfall.
The Old Man Held Uzepi’s Hands,Hug Her And Gave Her Words Of Hope,Narrating To Uzepi How He Lost His Two(2) Wives,16 Children, Livestock Counting In 70s, All His Farmland In Just A Day,But He Still Sees Reason To Live. Uzepi Raised Her Face Up,Looking Straight Into The Brownish, Thick- Covered Dirty Beards Of The Old Man, Uzepi Saw Hope,Love, Care And Success In The Old Man’s Eye.

Uzepi Left Akorshi-Oweh And Followed The Old Man To His Village In Begiatsul Village, Still In Obanliku Local Government.
After 2 Years,Uzepi And The Old Man Had All They’ve Lost In 10 Fold,They Lived Together In The Same Hut,Happily Once Again!!!

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