Snippet from Dakuku’s interview on Channels TV, FRIDAY June 3rd, 2022.

Snippet from Dakuku’s interview on Channels TV, FRIDAY June 3rd, 2022.


“I am quite optimistic, we have weathered the storm and we have passed through turbulence in the past 8 years. In course of our challenges , we have bonded more and understand the country’s challenges better “

“I can assure you the APC will not only come out stronger from our multiple challenges but will win the 2023 election and give qualitative leadership to the country.”

“The President as leader of the party only sort to make input like every other Nigerian about who his successor should be. Unless you are saying the president should not have a preference . That does not foreclose the right of individuals to vote and be voted for in the primaries “

“Majority of party leaders support the idea of the President to choose a candidate for the party , because they know he will consult widely “.


“Most Nigerians will like to see a President from the southern part of Nigeria lead the country, you can pick that from the input of the governors , legislators , middle belt forum and other organized groups in the country ”

“For the APC we may not have zoning in our constitution but we must be senistive to the yearnings of nigerians for justice , inclusiveness and equity amongst all component parts of the country ‘“.


“The Nigerian people will understand that we presented to them a Northern candidate as president for 8years so they will appreciate our sense of fairness and equity when we go south “



“Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is different from
the two earlier cases you cited in Odili and Wike , as he did not aspire to be president while on the seat of Governor, he is aspiring after serving as Governor and contributing to the success of President Buhari’s Government.”

“Rivers State has the luck of always producing strong and politically savvy leaders, in addition to our economic power and geo strategic political advantage , that may be some of the reasons why many of our governors vie for presidency “


“I have always said Nigerians should look out for the most qualified to lead them”

“There’s a man that straddles between south east and south – south and that man is Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and I know he’s young, competent , vibrant and energetic and I see nothing wrong with him aspiring to be president . He has what it takes”

“It’s certainly not going to be between the north and south tussle but it will be between competent , credible candidate and one who has no moral fiber “

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