“At age 9, I was shot in the eye by assa.ssins in Mushin” – Bad Boy Timz (Video)

"At age 9, I was shot in the eye by assa.ssins in Mushin" – Bad Boy Timz (Video)

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Olorunyomi Oloruntimilehin, popularly known as Bad Boy Timz, has recounted a harrowing ordeal that nearly cost him his eyesight at the age of 9.

In a recent chat with UK-based Nigerian media personality Adesope Olajide, Bad Boy Timz revealed that he was shot in the eye by assassins who targeted his family in the Mushin area of Lagos years ago.

According to him, the assassins targeted his family’s car and opened fire. He shared that the gunshot aimed at his dad’s head ended up hitting his eye.

“They were assassins, they didn’t even stop the car, they just shot the bunnet and started spraying. It wasn’t a robbery and they were looking for an Igbo family. When they heard my mum say e je kin ko awon omo mi, they were surprised.

“It was me, my mum, my dad and my immediate older brother, it was just four of us in the car in Lagos, Mushin to be precise. They just overtook us and started shooting, they didn’t even tell us to stop and I got shot in the eye because they were targeting my dad’s head and it went straight into my eye.” He said.

When asked about the current condition of his injured eye, the singer mentioned that it is currently fine, but he is preparing for another operation.

“The eye is alright, I’m supposed to do another operation soon,” he said

Watch him speak below,

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