For the first time in the history of Ukwa politics where the citizens reap and enjoyed the dividends of democracy from those who represents them.
This was made possible by one man who derives joy in putting smiles on the faces of his people. A man who is very committed in service of God and Humanity. A man who understands the needs of his people.
He is a household name in legislative exploits and achievements.
A humble man who despite his position runs an open door policy where his constituent needs are being attended to. A man who left a standing order in his office to make sure anybody who comes from his constituency sees him without much effort or delay.
An Eloquent member of House of Representatives, a lawyer per excellence. Hon Uzoma Nkem Abonta is the man.
He has been a silent achiever in so many areas since his sojourn at the House of Representatives.
Despite the fact that he has not served Abia State Government in the past whether as Vice Chairman, Transition Chairman, Elected Chairman, House of Assembly Member, and Commissioner or even on advisory capacity, yet his few years’ performance as member of House of Representatives speaks volume.

Permit me to x-ray briefly some of the achievements of this humble man, Hon Uzoma Nkem-Abonta.
Hon Abonta’s philosophy in life is that idleness begets social nuisance, consequently upon this, he consistently and effectively used his position and friendly attitude and connections as a member of House of Representatives to recommend and secure employment for the teeming population and graduates of Ukwa in Federal Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies. This has helped in reducing youth restiveness and graduate unemployment rate in Ukwa as well as eliminating the pressure on the part of parents and guardians of the hitherto unemployed graduates.
Let me also use this medium to correct an ugly impression from uninformed minds that it is on record that Hon Abonta have influenced over 40 jobs in the Federal Government Ministries, Department and Agencies including the para-military to the good people of his constituency.
In addition, Hon Abonta also maintains a comprehensive data bank in his office where details and curriculum vitae of employable members of his constituency are stored to be used whenever employment opportunities come up.

1. Temple Dennis – Nigerian Television Authority(NTA)
2. Kenneth Nwachi – News Agency of Nigeria ( NAN)
3. Eze Nwelele – Public Complaints Commission
4. Ugochukwu Nwogute – News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)
5. Odinakachi Akparanta – Federal Ministry of Education
6. Elekanachi Nnaemeka – Federal Ministry of Works
7. Dafini Ogbuji – Nigeria Television Authority (NTA)
8. Elekanachi Chizuru – Federal Ministry of Housing
9. Florence Okere – Civil Defence Corps
10. Nwagbara Prince Iheanacho – INEC
11. Justice Adiele – Nigerian Institute of Languages
12. Nwogazi Chidozie Henry – Nigerian Police Force
13. Ubani Peace Chinyere – Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria
14. Nwokejim Levi Adindu – Rubber Research Institute of Nigeria
15. Nmamelu Chiyelu Ifeoma Celine – Public Complaint Commission
16. Amanze Stella Onyejindu – Public Complaint Commission
17. Kamalu Gift Achibi – Public Complaint Commission
18. Omezi Elekanachi Nneoma – Public Complaint Commission
19. Eleogu Lucky Nkemakolam – Public Complaint Commission
20. Ngozi Chinyelu Ezenwa – Public Complaint Commission
21. Nnah Uchechi Lilian – Public Complaint Commission
22. Happiness Ogeh – Public Complaint Commission

1. Solar street lights at Azumini,Akanu,Akirikanta, Akirika Ukwu,Obeaku,Obohia, Obunku,obuozu and Abaki
2. Motorised borehole at Akanu Ndoki.
3.Hand pumps at Akanu,Abaki,Azumini,Ohanku,Ohambele,Ohanso
4.Computer centre at Azumini
5.High and low tension Electricity Projects at Obeaku Ndoki
6.Construction/ furnishing of 3 classroom Blocks with VIP toilets at community primary school Eti-Ndoki
7.Ongoing Road project at Akanu-Umugboeze Ndoki Road
8.Obohia-Ohanku-Ukebe Road completed
9.Construction of Okotoko-Ohuru Road- ongoing
10.Motorized borehole at Umuogazi Ohuru
11.Motorized borehole at Umuokoraja Ohuru
12.Construction/furnishing of 3 classroom blocks with VIP toilet at community secondary school Mkporobe Ukwa EAST
13.Solar light at Mkporobe (33)
14.Solar powered water project Mkporobe
15.Construction of Ohanso-Mkpohia Oba linking Akwete road
16.Umuoba-Nkoro Akwete link road Akwete
17.Modern Library Akwete
18.Solar street light at Akwete,Ohandu
19.Ohanso-Obunku road-On-going
20.Ohanso-Mkpohia oba-Ohuru road
21. Donated over 24 transformers in Ukwa Federal Constituency
22. Construction of Obehie-Akwete-Obohia-Azumini Road
23. Built school in Eti
24. Rehabilitation of opopo junction Aba- Azumini road
25. Built modern toilet at Obehia Market
26. Constructed modern Motor Park at Obehie

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Hon. Uzoma-Nkem Abonta’s commitment to the education of the youth is a direct outcome of his philosophy that the quickest way to educate a nation is to educate a child. To this end, he:
1. Assisted many indigent students to register for their WASC/NECO AND JAMB examinations. Over 150 students have benefitted from this noble gesture.
2. Organised a train-the trainer’s scheme for teachers within the constituency and assisted in the supply of educational materials/teaching aids to the teachers.
3.Inaugurated a special encouragement programme for students who are pursuing degrees in professional courses such as Law, Medicine, Engineering etc.
4.Facilitated the construction and stocking of well equiped libraries in each of the two local government areas in his constituency.
5. Donated Laptops to some Law students as a way of facilitating and enhancing their studies.
6. Instituted a scholarship scheme for some pupils and students of primary and secondary schools.
7. Gave bursary to students of Ukwa Extraction in Higher Institutions.
8. Secured admissions to Maritime Academy Oron for the people of his constituency
9. Donated computers in various schools.
10. Assisted in Training some Lawyers and Doctors in Ukwa Federal Constituency
11. Secured scholarship for many persons at NDDC.

As a result of the systematic and persuasive insistence of Honourable Abonta, the Abia State office of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs has finally been situated at Ukwa. As a corollary benefit, the Ministry has been commissioned and executed the following projects in Ukwa
a. 2.5 billion Naira Skill Acquisition centre
b. Construction of 40-units mass housing scheme
c. Dualization of Obehie- Azumini road.

It is also to his credit that some NDDC road/electricity projects in Ukwa East/West have been completed,:
1. Construction of Akwete- u muagbai road project
2. Construction of Umuoforji-Okomini road, Obehie Aba
3. Construction of Obaba-Umuituru-Umuadienwe-Ikpoku-Owo Asa- Ngwaiyiekwe Road.
4. Obohia-Ohanku road
5. Construction of Uzoakwu- Owaza-Iguruta Road
6. Construction of Okpoku- Akwuzu road, Akwete
7. Construction of Okpuhu-Owo Aba road
8. Contract for the repairs of failed section of Okpuhu-Akwuzu road,Akwete(Umuagbai before the bridge)
9. Construction of Akanu-Umugbeze road
10. Construction of Akwete cemetery road linking Ohanso-Obunku
11. Construction of Umuakwa, Obokwe road.
12. Construction of Ohanso-Mkpohiaoba road.
13. Construction of Ahia Eke Oza to Umuiku Community.
14. Construction of Umuahala Obiakpu road
15. Okotoko-Ohanku-Ohuru road
16. Ohanso internal roads
17. Akwete-Mkporobe Road
18. Mkporobe- Ohanku road

On the days of his first, second and thrid inaugurations as a member of the House of Representatives, Honourable Uzoma-Nkem Abonta swore before God and Country to uphold the constitution of Nigeria and to make laws for the good governance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In doing this, he made an unwavering commitment and firmly resolved that he must give a clear and distinct voice to his people through insightful and astute contributions to debates on the floor of the house, focused and diligent performance of oversight functions and the sponsoring of bills and motions.
In the interest of both history and posterity, it is pertinent to set out some of these bills and motions so that Ukwa people will see for themselves that the sacred and cherished mandate which they so trustingly gave to HONOURABLE UZOMA-NKEM ABONTA During his first and second terms were maximally utilized for the good of the nation in general and UKWA Land in particular. In the light of the above, every indigene of Ukwa land may, therefore, be rest assured that this time, greater and better things are in stock for them.
As it is very well known, the sponsoring of Bills and Motions is but one of the numerous responsibilities of the legislator. Another equally important function is that of oversight function. For a man who has worked in the National Assembly for over a decade, first as a legislative Aide, then as a personal Assistant to the PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE before being elected into the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Honourable UZOMA-NKEM ABONTA is indeed in familiar waters.
The people of Ukwa Federal Constituency, therefore, became poised, ab initio, to enjoy the cumulative benefits of accumulated experience as Honourable UZOMA-NKEM ABONTA was able to leverage on such experiences to garner his inclusion as member of more than Nine (9) strategic Committees in the House of Representatives in the 7TH and 8th National Assembly from where he continued to create the utmost impact in the area of oversight functions. These committees are
1. House Committee on Privatization& Commercialization: Deputy Chairman
2. House Committee on NDDC
3. House Committee on Information and National Orientation
4. House Committee on Capital Market
5. House Committee on Justice
6. House committee on Rules & Business
7. House Committee on Public Petitions
8. House committee on Water Resources
9. House Committee on Inter-parliamentry relations
10. House Committee on Financial Crime
11. House committee on Navy
12. House Committee on Maritime
13. House Committee on Environment and Habitat
In House Committee on public petition where he chaired, Hon Abonta has been widely celebrated by the Nigerians and the world for his outstanding legislative performance.
Yes, I believe that Honourable Uzoma-Nkem Abonta has been an Eloquent Member of House of Representatives. Let us join Hands and send him to SENATE.

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1. HR 090/2011 – Rehabilitation and Maintenance of major access roads within Aba, 07/02/11
2. HR60/2011 – Expenditure of Public Funds by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria(AMCON) without approval 02/11/11
3. Motion on Malaria scourge in Nigeria
4. Urgent need for the House to reflect her Resolution Relating to the Budget and Budgetary process in the Appropriation Act, 2013
5. Need for urgent and proper resettlement of Gbagyi people and other owners/inhabitants of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja
6. Request for the House to grant House Committee on NDDC the power to investigate the expenditure of public funds by Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Chairman and Board of NDDC Administration.

As a lawyer per excellence, Honourable Uzoma-Nkem Abonta is indeed living up to his Billings in the House of Representatives. Nigeria our dear country is indeed reaping bountiful rewards from the intellectual inputs of this affable man of impeccable manners. Let’s join hands and re-elect him.

sponsored more than 58 bills in the House of Representatives of which not less than seven (7) are assented to.

As someone who has sworn to pursue, promote and sustain the well being of Ukwa people, Hon Uzoma-Nkem Abonta is commited to using the instrumentality of the Hope and Restoration Graceland Foundation to foster the enhancement of healthy living as well as intervene in cases of ill-health within his constituency. Towards the actualization of these laudable objectives, he has consistently deployed substaintial amount of his personal funds to:
a. Put in place a free medical scheme/programme which is working assidiously to alleviate the suffering of the poor and less-privileged members of both Ukwa East and Ukwa West Local Government Areas. This scheme accommodates both adults and children.
b. Facilitate the successful execution of surgical operations of hyenia and appendicitis on over a hundred persons and payment of their full medical bills.
c. Render various forms of assistance to over 400 persons in the teatment of varying illnesses throughout the lenght and breathe of Ukwa Federal constituency.
d. Provide free eye examination for almost 2,000 persons out of which over 1,000 persons were treated while reading glasses were distributed free of charge to all who needed it.
e. Provide a well-equipped 5 bed hospital, complete with a power generating set and a motor ambulancies.
f. Organise health awareness workshop for food vendours and assist them with take-off

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Millennium Development Goals Programme is one of the most visible platforms used by Hon. Uzoma-Nkem Abonta during his first/current tenures to attract massive Federal Government presence to Ukwa Federal constituency. Since 2008, the following projects are among the developmental projects sited in Ukwa at the behest of Hon Uzoma-Nkem Abonta:
a. A motorized borehole at Ohanku, Ukwa EAST
Millennium Development Goals Programme is one of the most visible platforms used by Hon. Uzoma-Nkem Abonta during his first/current tenures to attract massive Federal Government presence to Ukwa Federal constituency. Since 2008, the following projects are among the developmental projects sited in Ukwa at the behest of Hon Uzoma-Nkem Abonta:
a. A motorized borehole at Ohanku, Ukwa EAST
B. Supply of classroom furniture at Obeaku community primary school ukwa East LGA
c. Supply of classroom furniture at Umuekechi primary school, Asa, Ukwa West LGA
d. Construction of library building and suppl of library books at Obehie, Ukwa west LGA
e. Construction of Library building and supply of library books at Akwete Ukwa EAST LGA.
f. Construction of classroom block with VIP toilet facilities and supply of books at community secondary school, Mkporobe, Ukwa West.

g. Supply of school furniture to Ikwuorie community primary school Ohanku, Ukwa EAST LGA.
h. Supply of school furniture at Ogwe primary school, Ukwa West LGA.
i. Motorized borehole at Mbano central school, umuekechi, Asa, Ukwa West LGA
j. Supply of classroom furniture at community primary school, Abaki Ukwa West LGA.
k. Supply of school furniture at Obehie Community primary school, Ukwa West LGA.
l. Supply of school furniture at Mbano Community primary school Ukwa West LGA.

m. solar powered borehole with overhead tank at Abaki, Ukwa EAST LGA
n. solar powered borehole with overhead tank at Ogbuagu/Mkpukpuaja, Ukwa East.
o. Solar powered borehole with overhead tank at Obehie, Ukwa West.
p. Construction of 3 classroom block at Mkporobe primary school, Ukwa East LGA
q. Construction of 3 classrooms block at Umuekechi High School, Ukwa West LGA.
r. Installation of 6 sumo hand pumps in various locations in the constituency

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