People with rare body parts We are all born in different ways

We are all born in different ways others born others with some uncommon conditions. By all, we have to accept ourselves. Today I am going very to show you people born with rare conditions.

Look at them;

1. Jose Mestre

Our facial expressions are one of the highlights of civilization. In Portugal, Mestre has become a famous man, known as the no-face man.’
He was born like the rest of us with usual facelift features, but a tiny strawberry mark began to develop in his upper lip when he was puberty.
This growth left him blind and incapable of breathing over the last 35. The doctors described growth as “Ha haemangioma tumor” resulting from costly blood vessels.
Doctors proposed he eliminated tumtumorsut his conviction as a witness of Jehovah remained on his way, rejecting the concept of blood transfusion
In 2010 a British surgeon proposed treatment with ultraviolet rays to minimize the chance of a substantial loss of blood and lowered the rumor by 5 deaths.
2.Victoria Wright

Victoria Wright mother was brushing her teeth when she was young only to find that her teeth had been in the wrong place.
She has lived 41 and is named after the cheecherubism cheeks, a disorder caused by an overgrowth of the fatty tissue that contributes to the prominence of the kidneys in the lower part of the face. Her eyes were pulled out as her jaw grew wider as she reached her teenage period.
She had surgery for releasing pressure when she was 16 years old. Though cheerobism is painful, it induces heavy headaches and bubbling. Doctors estimate her head as a bowling ball may be high.
Despite the stars of others, Victoria is delighted with her looks and declined to restore her jaw.
At present, she’s happily married with a daughter and has been blessed. She works with a charity concerned with the dysfunctions of individuals.
She also is a part-time student

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3. Larry and Dany Gomez

If you have a youthful shaving? Imagine having huge hair that’s expanding in your body.
Larry and his family are dealing with an oral disease called generalized hypertrichosis Congenital. Hair is not too much in women, but it is still manageable. Each part of the body excluding the hands and feet is for the movements.
Just two families worldwide suffer from the CGH and the Lary family have helped species scientists to explore the causes of the mutation.
Lary and Dany were excluded for years, but they live a regular life today and may even perform in some circuses

4.Kim Goodman

You’d think she’s just an average person when you see Kim on the road before you compete with her.
She holds number one spot in the Guinness Book Of World records since she has long been able to pop her eyeballs. Out of her head, she can pop her eyes 11mm long.
When a hockey mask hit her head and her eyes dropped out, she inadvertently discovered talent, and without the sensation of the discomfort that she had, her eye can be easily managed.

5.Mohammad Kaleem

This young man was born with hands and arms that were rare. They were 33cm long, from the handle to the fingertips of his hands up to 13kg.
Local schools even declined to admit that he was afraid to frighten other children. The cause of his limb growth is called Macrodactyla which causes bones to overgrow in infants
His family spends 20 dollars a month to help him deal with the illness that makes it difficult for him to perform the activity.
The family was delighted to find a doctor who could help the child. The doctor went to India to have an eight(8) operation on the boy’s arm without tissue being harmed. With medical advances, your boy will one day fully recover from this condition.

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