Pastor falls for prank, ends live prayer session in panic

Pastor falls for prank, ends live prayer session in panic


In a recent incident that has caught the attention of social media users, a young Nigerian pastor became the unwitting target of a prank during a live session on TikTok, resulting in an abrupt end to his prayer session and sparking widespread reactions.

During the live prayer session, which was being broadcast to his followers, the pastor received a seemingly urgent warning that prompted him to immediately go offline.

The unexpected prank unfolded when an Instagram user cleverly changed their username to ‘Notification‘ and altered their display picture to resemble an icon for message notifications.

In the comment section of the live session, the user, posing as a TikTok representative, issued a stern message, claiming that the pastor’s account would face a permanent ban if the live video was not ended within five minutes.

The warning, which appeared authentic to the unsuspecting preacher, caused him to abruptly conclude the prayer without bidding farewell to his followers.

The message that popped up on the screen reads;

WARNING: Permanent ban will ensure if LIVE video does not end within 5 minutes,” adding to the pastor’s confusion and anxiety.

@FIRE_STICK said;  “Your man said not today!! He needs that TikTok bread 😂😂😂”

@teewhizzle said; “So the Holy Ghost inside of him disappeared immediately he saw the message?”

@phendykay wrote; “Person dey intercede for people, you dey interrupt.. okay now..Soon una go say village people… Oloshi!”

@loria_tare said; “Saw it on tiktok and I laughed so hard … loool the comments there killed me”

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