Oyinbo rock Yoruba culture with energetic drumming and dance (Video)

Oyinbo rock Yoruba culture with energetic drumming and dance (Video)


A captivating video capturing a group of Oyinbo people enthusiastically participating in Yoruba ritual ceremonies has taken social media by storm.

The video, which surfaced on TikTok, features Oyinbo individuals fully immersed in the vibrant Yoruba culture, adorned in colorful traditional outfits and synchronizing their movements with the rhythmic beats of the traditional drums.

The footage showcases the seamless integration of the foreign participants into the heart of Yoruba traditions, sparking admiration and curiosity among viewers worldwide.

Numerous individuals have expressed their fascination with the video, highlighting the potential existence of a profound connection between foreigners and the rich heritage of the Yoruba people.

The video, shot during a traditional Yoruba ritual ceremony, exhibits the Oyinbo participants embracing Yoruba customs with great enthusiasm.

They don vibrant attires, meticulously crafted to match the splendor of Yoruba traditional garments.

With each step they take, the foreign participants synchronize their movements to the lively beats of the drums, showcasing a deep appreciation for the essence of Yoruba dance.

@osehtarawally2 said; “That’s how they first came as friends and learn all our secret 2nd time it was with big Guns and war plane now we don’t even have our own writn system.”

@MiriamSanz said; “See we they open door for themagain???why??????”

@user4748488448 wrote; “Seriously I love this Yoruba to the world.”

@oluwajuwondouble commented; “Argentina, Brazil Cuba, like five countries do Yoruba speak Yoruba and do their culture.”

@aaronadeola wrote; “Yoruba people una don finish una don show them all your power.#

@charles37484884 said; “One thing about yoruba is its enduring culture. Despite many years of separation they still remain connected.”

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♬ original sound – Babalawo ifabusayo Àlàñí èkúñ


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