Oluwadamilola Ojikutu: Immersing Yourself in the Wholeness of Your Being

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Last week, I spoke to a couple of people and almost every one of them claimed to be exhausted. They are all troubled by something, and it seems like life has chosen to push us so hard – all of us, collectively as a nation; a huge punch directly in our guts. But they often say it gets better, so I have lifted my head and I am standing.

I come from a generation that the world has said has unreal expectations of the world, a generation that wants to laugh and love, live and earn, play hard and work even harder, together building a community where anyone can rest fully and be who they truly are at their core. My generation is the one that has been called silly children seeking excuses for their bad behaviours. The little children walk around with overconfidence, as though the world was made only for them.

But I see you. I see how well you twirl in the midst of life’s unadulterated beats, I see how your knees and arms move quietly and magically – a little turn here and a little dance there. I see how you let yourself walk deep into the waters unbothered by which part goes in first.

I see how much you allow your life to fill the room, and I see how you remind the next man standing in line that you are in control. You walk into the room, and heads turn because who you are is magical. It is in the way you give your all to everything – love, work, your career, your story, your friends, life –  because giving very little is not just you.

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I understand what it feels like to be holding on for dear life and still be getting rejection emails. I know what it feels like when everything comes crashing down and you’re unable to figure out what you should really do. I have had to schedule time out to let myself bawl because when I felt the need to tear up, I couldn’t simply because I was out there showing life who the boss is and I needed to be strong.

The world may not understand you; you are a first of its kind. Never has the world been able to behold the magic that you are. So when people say you were too much, brush it aside and don’t let their words get to you. Don’t let the words of the ignorant seep into your soul, nudging the tiny voice in your head to incapacitate you at every beautiful turn that you seem to want to take. Don’t let them heat up your ice, or turn your magic to nothingness. I hope that you allow the potential you carry to create beauty, give your feet rest, and give you peace. Together, our impact on the world cannot be underestimated.

When next you think about dimming your light, I hope you let yourself play loudly and immerse yourself in the wholeness of your being.

Remind yourself that the world is merely your red carpet. It may not get better but you will always lift up your head and stand.




Feature image by Vinicius Altava for Pexels 


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