“Is this what I sent you to go and do in school?” – Nigerian dad queries his son for using a lady’s picture as his phone wallpaper (video)

Nigerian dad queries


A Nigerian father has sparked conflicting reactions on social media after questioning his son for using a lady’s photo as his wallpaper.

A video of the man waking his sleeping son up to interrogate him about putting a girl’s photo as his screensaver is currently trending online.

Nigerian dad queries

Apparently, the father accidently spotted the lady’s photo on his son’s phone and grew upset with him. He then proceeded to wake him up and confront him for using a woman’s picture as his wallpaper.

Though it’s unclear whether the son is underage, the man rebuked his son and questioned if he was sent to school to look at women’s pictures.

“Is this what I sent you to go and do in school? You didn’t put your mummy’s picture, you put a girl’s picture,” he said while threatening to seize his son’s phone.

The incident has sparked a debate online, with some criticizing the father for the way he questioned his son while others supported his action.

Read some reactions below,

@onyi.eli wrote, “This is wrong if you want to discipline a child , do it the right way. Why video and post? If l was the boy, l will loose some respect for you . You ended up teaching him nothing.”

@gorontula.nigeria wrote, “Daddy correct him in love so you can have a close relationship with him to share anything now you have instilled fe.ar in him”

@mo.photografy1 wrote, “And he is recording this and putting on Internet??? All these children giving birth to fellow children sha😂 rubbish nonsense. Can all these parents grow up pls.”

@familydoctor_blog wrote, “You don’t know what? How old are you? Will you face your book young man? I support your decision poppsy. Seize the phone from him.”

Watch the clip below,

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