Nigerian banker shares how his wife and her relatives made his life terrible after he lost his job

Nigerian banker shares how his wife and her relatives made his life terrible after he lost his job

A Nigerian banker identified as -Obi Ishiek has told the terrible story of how his life spiraled out of control after he lost his job and his wife and her family waged war on him until he left his home.

According to him, he had a perfect life with his wife who was also a banker and when he lost his job which was his wife’s fault, she had no sympathy and invited four of her relatives to live with them.

In his words;

“I was a banker married to a banker until I lost my job via downsizing. For two years I searched for another job no way, I was paid off handsomely and I lost all the money in some business investment.

Within that 2 years, three of my in-laws moved into our home in
lekki and it became hell for me, let me not go into the details of what I passed through.

My wife was paying the rent, school fees of the kids etc. It got worst when my wife was promoted and my mother in law moved in. She came into the dining room one evening and said it’s only food I like to eat, I told her to keep off my marriage and we had some exchange of words.

To cut it short, my wife came back and hell was lose, she said I insulted the mother. Very early next morning, I picked some few cloths and left.
I left everything l owned and took off to preserve my sanity.

After I left, I squatted with a couple of friends in Lagos attending job interviews, it was very rough for me but I thank God for my friends. It’s good to be good to your friends when you are up there, I helped a lot of them when I was working.

So they took it upon themselves to contribute money for me, because I lost so much weight. I once went to see my kids, they didn’t let me in, I stood at the gate for about 30 minutes.

But as God would have it, I landed a better paying job. About more than a year after our separation, bang!! She lost her job, moved away from lekki to the mainland. I heard she is blaming her mother for her problems, who cares.

She now sells stuff online. I’ve forgiven her but the marriage is over.
My two kids live with her, I pay school fees directly to the school and other child keeping expenses. This year she made several attempts to mend fences, but honestly I am done. I’ve moved on with my life. Today I have a better job and live comfortably alone”

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