Monica Puts The Records Right on Umahi’s Stand on The Type of President Nigeria Needs in 2023; Describes Wike, Udeogu’s Misinterpretations as Mischievous


Wike, Udeogu’s Mischievous misinterpretations of Governor Umahi’s Stand on the Type of President Nigeria Needs in 2023, Sad, deceitful and Unfortunate….Monica Puts the Records Right

Having read the self-assertive, widely published statement credited to Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State wherein he said Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State needs a Pyschariatic examination for expressing his opinion on the type of President that Nigeria needs in 2023, Lady Monica Chidinma Eze, has described Gov. Wike as a stack barbarian.

In a statement made available to media houses in Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State Capital, Monica said Gov. Wike is grossly lacking in learning, refinement and moral etiquette befitting a man of his status, and thus should be subjected to some critical medical examinations to ascertain his state of mental wellness.

“The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has severally displayed conducts suggesting him as not possessing the minimum moral and attitudinal traits expected to be observed in official life.”

Monica said it has become very nauseating to learn that Wike will never cease to use any opportunity to abuse and insult Mr. President and Governor Umahi for reasons only known to him, particularly since Umahi dumped the sinking PDP.

It is also sad and unfortunate that Elder Fred Udeogu the Chairman of PDP toed the line of Governor Wike by stating the position of Governor Wike and questioning why Governor Umahi should speak from Abuja when he is not an elected member of the National Assembly.

Lady Monica Chidinma Ada Eze who was a former Media Aide to Governor Umahi described both the positions of Governor Wike and that of Chief Udeogu as sad and unfortunate, smacking of ignorance and falsehood.

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For avoidance of doubt, the President and Founder of DUMNAETA, an NGO promoting democracy and dividends of democracy to the electorates within the former Eastern Nigeria presented the true statement credited to Governor Umahi on his position of the type of President that Nigeria needs by 2023 thus, “God will also give us the next President with good heart that loves this country like President Buhari for the good of this country. God will give us an anointed President for the interest and unity of this country come 2023” Umahi.

Monica Aka Ada Ebonyi offered to know when it has become a taboo for a Nigerian to express his or her opinion on his wish for this country or whether it has become a sin for a patriotic leader like Governor Umahi to pray to God to give Nigeria an anointed President that would have the interest of this country at heart and capable of uniting this country according to the dreams of her founding fathers.

No matter what may be the stands of Wike and his likes, Lady Monica said President Buhari has proved beyond every doubt that he is a patriotic leader whose love for this country is never in doubt.

“We must open our eyes to see the great efforts Buhari is making to ratify the ills and wastage caused by the PDP administration during her 16 years misguided rule. It is then we can celebrate President Buhari as an outstanding Leader of this country.” Monica stated.

“Let me reassure Nigerians and the entire world that the issue of insecurity in this country will be history before the end of 2022 no matter the odds so Governor Wike should stop his attacks on Buhari and learn from Governor Umahi how to govern a state. At least the ability to pay salaries and pension to to civil servants and Pensioners as and when due, is one of the chief concerns of a reasonable Government, an area that Wike thinks is a taboo while Umahi thinks that is a must in order for us to have a just society.


Monica cautioned Wike, Udeogu and their likes to stop forthwith their mischievous acts of attacking Governor Umahi unjustifiably and wickedly as none of these unholy acts will ever equate them to what Umahi has become in the politics of this country.

“Let me reiterate that Umahi is a tool in Gods Hands to reshape this country and has proved it with the way he has turned the fortunes of Ebonyi State around since he assumed office as the Governor of the State. He has with the wisdom of God linked the South East back to the Centre as the Chairman of the South East Governors Forum and has no apology to offer to anybody on this” Lady Monica said.



Monica Ada Chidinma Eze Aka Ada Ebonyi,

President DUNAETA & Ex TA on Media to Gov Umahi

11th September, 2021


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