Ruger instructs female fan to send message to her boyfriend

Ruger Fan Female Boyfriend


Nigerian singer Ruger has caused a stir on social media with a video that recently surfaced on Twitter.

In the video, Ruger is seen on stage with a girl wearing a red top.

Ruger and female fan

He instructs the girl to send a message to her boyfriend, specifically telling her to say “fuck you” to him. To everyone’s surprise, the girl loudly utters the offensive phrase as instructed.

Ruger then proceeds to ask for the boyfriend’s name and requests that the girl mention his name the next time she speaks.

True to his words, the girl repeats the boyfriend’s name, adding to the controversial nature of the situation.

Female fan

The actions of Ruger and the girl in the video have garnered significant attention from Nigerians, who have expressed their opinions and comments in the section.

See some reactions below:

Rita:What if she don’t have any or was too excited to care.”

Big: “Watin upcoming US artiste go do dem go shoot am the next week.”

Macy: “Make we forget cruise this babe na useless person and na ogun go punish am amen.”

Jayboy: “This guy Dey make girls dey very low chai, and the mumu go go back to the boy oo.”

Zaza: “I swear i no go gree. Walahi I dey climb tgat stage go scatter am.”

Kulasragner: “Rubbish coz na star ⭐✨ after the show you go talk true!!! All na cruise Sha.” 



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