Lady who stole dresses, wig for Tiktok content arrested

Lady who stole dresses, wig caps for Tiktok content nabbed


A lady who reportedly stole dresses, and wig caps from another lady to do Tiktok video content has been nabbed.

The video was shared by the former friend of the alleged thief and showed the moment the owner of the dresses and wig caps got to the compound of the suspect.

Lady who stole dresses, wig caps for Tiktok content nabbed
Lady nabbed for stealing clothes for Tiktok. Photo credit: TikTok creator. Source: Instagram

According to the video sharer, the clothes the lady used for her Tiktok video content were allegedly stolen after she brought her to her residence to rent a vacant apartment.

According to her, she had to betray her former friend because the lady whose items were stolen involved the police.

According to a source, “I helped her in getting accommodation and the only way she could repay me was by st£aling someone’s luggage of clothes and hair. She uses the stolen items to make several videos on her TikTok.

I was told to ‘produce’ her since I was the one that brought her to the residence. We found her and taught her a brief lesson before handing her over to the authorities.”


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