Lady begs ex-boyfriend to impregnate her, give her a child

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A Twitter user uploaded a conversation between a man and his former girlfriend on their media page.

In the chat, the girl’s identity remained undisclosed, saved only as “Balle Gold” in the man’s contacts.

During the conversation, she expressed a need for help, specifying that it wasn’t financial assistance.

When the man inquired about the nature of her request, she revealed her desire for him to father a child for her; she wanted him to impregnate her.

However, the man respectfully declined her request, making it clear that he couldn’t bear a child and leave their offspring to be cared for by someone else.

The exchange has since caught the attention of Twitter users, prompting varied reactions from the online community.

See some reactions below:

Marcsmall: “See setup. This is grandchild of Eve, this was how he lure Adam. My brother, the Bible said flee. All this is a trap to marry you by fire by force o.”

Lion: “Nor be small thing una dey do for earth. Na why I like Pluto be this.

Emioga: “Make she go baby factory now. She go born wella for there.”

John Doe: “Block her on whatsapp, your dreams and in your next world. She knows what she’s doing. Let her go and find another man to give such offer. The foolishness of a woman is your weakest link as a man. She’s your ex, let her remain in dustbin of history. End.”

Emma: “Na wa ooo. Things wey I dae read come be like Fiction. Because what in the God name is this.”


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