“I Regret Being Born And Raised In Deeper Life,” Man Condemns Church

As we all know, Africa is the center for religion in the whole world but nowadays, religion is getting as corrupt as politics because most churches and prophets find a way to extort from people all in the name of spiritual deliverance or a message from God. Some pastors/prophets acquire expensive things that even their church members cannot afford for a lifetime.

A young man shared on the internet his regrets for being brought up in one of the biggest ministries in Africa.

The man with the twitter handle @JJExclusive1 says the church disoriented some things in his life, and he forever regrets being raised in the church.

He tweeted;

“I still regret being born and raised in deeper life, The church messed up my Emotional intelligence, communicative skill and social life.

The Deeper Christian Life Ministry is a Pentecostal Christian denomination and one of the biggest in Nigeria and overseas. It has international headquarters, Deeper Life Bible Church Lagos, in Lagos.

The church is overseen by William Folorunso Kumuyi (born 6 June 1941) who is the founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry. He is also an author and has written tons of books.

If you are quite familiar with Deeper life churches, or you attend, you would notice the church is quite different from other Pentecostal churches. The church has some rules which keeps them or makes them somehow distinct from other people. An Example of this is their mode of dressing.

So as the young man shared his opinion about the church, he admitted that the church change his Emotional intelligence, communicative skill and social life. Of Course, people had some opinions to shared regarding how they cope with the church and other things concerning religion which I will be showing you below;

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In my opinion, I believe we all need to change our mindset about religion. We tend to worship the things around us and forget to worship the creator himself. You don’t need to make yourself uncomfortable before you serve God. The best way to live your life is to live with the fear of God.

There are other factors that could affect you aside going to church which some of them are your neighbours, community, family and most of all your friends. But also some Churches today are turned into business where you pay to seek help from God neglecting your mental well-being which in my opinion is totally wrong.

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