Habibat & Anuoluwapo’s Romantic #BNBling in The Garden Will Make Your Day!

Habibat & Anuoluwapo's Romantic #BNBling in The Garden Will Make Your Day!


Habibat and Anuoluwapo are giving us all the butterflies of love today! Their beautiful love story reminds us of the fact that love is actually worth taking risks for!

The first time Anuoluwapo paid Habibat a visit, the connection was so strong that he lost track of time and missed a curfew. After that night, he vowed to win Habibat’s love…and he sure did. Anuoluwapo planned a romantic proposal, crafting a moment that would forever be etched in their memories. Surrounded by close friends in a dreamy outdoor decor, he went down on one knee and asked his baby girl to marry him and she said ‘Yes!’ We are super pumped for these two as they journey into forever land!

Enjoy their proposal photos and love story below:

How we met
By the groom, Anuoluwapo:

Once upon a time, I decided to pay Habibat a visit at her hostel, I was so into the moment that I lost track of time. She feared it was late and told me so. I reluctantly left and on my journey back to my hostel, I realized there was a curfew (Oró) and I ran for my dare life. I survived that night and vowed to win Habibat’s love. I guess you now know how that turned out as… here we are! 😅


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