e Shock u?

e Shock u?

” Immediately after my WAEC, I went for computer training in one of these road side computer schools.

There’s this girl, Charity, an O’ Level graduate, who was also taking the training.

After each training we’d stay behind and learn on our own.

As Charity and I became familiarized with each other, we fell in love ❤️

The guy who was tutoring us, Uncle Sam, was in his final year in the university as at that time.

One fateful day, Uncle Sam called me and said something that I’d never forget.

This was what he said, word for word:

“David! Being in a serious relationship with an opposite sex at this age is not a good idea. You have a great future, one mistake and you’d spend the rest of your life paying for it.”

The computer training center had two branches. Uncle Sam went to the extent of writing a transfer letter for me to move to the other center. He said I wouldn’t concentrate if I was seeing Charity everyday.

I bless the day I met Uncle Sam. People like him are not up to ten on this planet.

The following day I called Charity and told her I needed some space.

She tried to reach me for a while but all thanks to Uncle Samuel, I was able to put her away 🙌

Whenever we meet we’d just give each other a ‘Hi, how far’ greeting.

Today I stumbled on her pre-wedding photos.

By December she’s getting married to Uncle Sam 😳”

~ David Algorithm


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