Donald J. Trump is dead and buried. No resurrection and no ascension.


To some Republicans who are afraid that former President Trump would be influencing Republican politics in the future I say, Donald J. trump is politically dead and buried. He will not rise again and he will not ascend to the heaven of Republican politics or even America.

He is as dead as a door nail

Here are the reasons:

  • Trump has been impeached by Pelosi’s House and will be tried in the Senate and convicted by Democrats with Republican help. (a) Some republicans will vote to convict because they bear grudge. He insulted the Republican leadership on his way out and they will remember. (b) Others will vote to convict because they fear that a free Trump will be a factor in Republican politics and will work against them. If Trump is in jail he will not be able to do that. So put in in jail. (c) Still others will vote to convict because they all along believed that trump was not fit to be president. These Republican defectors plus Democrats will provide the 60 votes needed to convict
  • If impeachment fails to put him in prison, his other legal challenges would. He has tax problems with IRS. He has diversion of money collected for charity but spent on his own behalf. He has women accusing him of rape. He has debtors waiting to cut their pound of flesh. And he may not have any of the well-known law firms ready to defend him because he has not the money to pay. So by the time he unravels all this problems and is in position to play politics he would be in his 80’s and given his obesity and diabetes challenges he will not be worth bordering about. He will be glad to be alive.
  • Donald J. trump is a man of no fixed address as of now. He had fled his New York home to Florida. His Florida lease demands that he cannot make Mara Logo a permanent home. His neighbors also do not want him there because of some of the people he attracts. It will not be long before he receives a quit notice, which will force him back to NY and to face daily trips to courts.
  • Mr. Trump does not have enough money to live large like he is used to. He loves beautiful young women, expensive drinks, and high class social life. For high class social life, he is no longer invited to where “gentlemen” congregate for he is no longer a gentleman. His businesses are all losing money and what is left goes to defraying his large legal debts. His creditors will in about three years come calling. His debts were incurred without much physical equity but with high hopes that he might become a president and would oil their pockets. It did not happen. How much will he get for his presidential notes? Probably less than his predecessors, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. And his pension is at risk with a successful impeachment.
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There is probably a solution to former President Trump’s challenges. This solution is to emigrate to Russia. In Russia he would be able to live his past lifestyle at the expense of the Russian government who would count on his knowledge of American politics. And even count on obtaining some security information. If he fails to provide the information willingly he will be forced to provide them unwillingly.

Moving to Russia has many attractions. The impeachment would no longer have any meaning except to historians. The NY attorney’s offices would lose their target. They might fight for extradition but Russia will not give up their most worthy prize. Main line press will give up after a few years. He could use his Russian equivalent of Facebook and twitter to connect with his followers.

One thing that will weigh heavily on his mind is his children. All said and done Trump was a good family man. He loved his children and they loved him back. He would have difficulty living without them. And they will have even more difficulty living without him.

And that love could bring him back to the Unites State of America.

  • Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba writes from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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