Domestic Abuse : I should have spoken earlier, I thought he was going to change – Lil Frosh’s ex-girlfriends finally speaks up

The ex-girlfriend of singer, Lil Frosh, has broken her silence after her management went public with the acts of domestic violence perpetrated on her by the singer.

In a post shared on her Instagram page today October 6, the young lady known as Gift said she thought the singer was going to change when the beating started but the change did not come.

Her post reads


@lhilfrosh and I have been dating for almost 10 months now and he has been abusing me physically, mentally and emotionally.

At first I sincerely hoped he was going to change but he didn’t, it started with stripping me off my friends telling me who to talk and who not to talk to.

It grew to him beating each time we had an argument,he’ll beat me, smash my phone,destroy my ringlight, pour me water even film me naked and threaten to post, he has done right infront of @okikidft and it continued

This happened last 15th of September, that led to the internal bleeding in my head, confirmed by the doctors.

My manager spoke on my behalf with my permission and he is not to be blamed for anything he didn’t beg me to go and meet him no one did,not even my family ,everyone advised me but I still did what i wanted hoping for change.

My family have been doing their best to get me in the best space and best health.

Thank you to everyone that has reached out to me, has supported, and stood by me,I’m getting better now.

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See comments and reactions

Olaniyan Oluwabusayo: Men dat have d spirit of beating a woman don’t change… first hit will continue, unless God touches his heart,my sister before then I pray you are alive and healthy to talk the story…. because he go change he go change na hin make mama emeka blind for eye till today

Sayrah Ajinka: My dear even ordinary slap u should have ran away a long time ago..
Not until he turns ur face to a Chinese lady..
A woman beater doesn’t change..
Except God intervenes

Okeke Chidera: As game changer wey him be nah; my dear, people don’t change these days; they pretend to be nice only to reveal their true selves as time goes on! Anyways people you love would cause you pain, you just have to choose between the pain and the person but someone like me cannot endure such pain from anybody at all…because if such pain kills me, what will i tell God? That i want to act Jesus here on earth?🚶🚶🚶

Ayi Shetu: At least he changed your face and that alone made you speak out Kuddos nobody deserves this natural transformation from a man.

Hope Oforji: E show for ur face well well say nah over change dey worry him sef….he won flosh ur life finish… not that he has released any song oo, first time of hearing his name sef….this is wat pride can do

Tanyan Ehis: You thought he would have changed you would have spoken out we’re you married to him nawa for relationship you had to come out , you were not tied to him , any ways it has happened , a guy that hits a girl will never change

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Divine Wisdom: I believe you were considering what you are going to miss or having the Fear of someone else taking your place since he isn’t yet your husband let alone considering the children…you would not have given him chance to change had it been you were managing with him….. your life first

Onyinyechi Sophia: This is how some fools will marry tomorrow and house turn battle field ,if the woman decided to leave.the receiving side always the woman she will be called all sought of name

Francis Ebenizer: Some ladies will insult you till u feel like fighting back. But in my case I leave the place for her. Becos the are only strong with their mouth. I go far away from her till my temper returns to 0degree level. Some will even block your way at the door asking you where do u think u are going, I will laugh in anger and say I don’t beat woman please allow me go out please 🙏. She will start crying and start telling me she is sorry, that I should forgive her🤷‍♂️ who am I not to forgive her? Thats how I will hold her hands and start cleaning her tears and tell her am sorry too.🙄 Boom we go out for shoping, and I buy pepper wey I go put for her eyes for night cos I hate nonsense😜😂

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