“Yul and Judy are destined for each other…a real man stay where he’s loved” – Actress, Sarah Martins (Video)

“Yul and Judy are destined for each other…a real man stay where he’s loved” – Actress, Sarah Martins (Video)

Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins has addressed those still criticizing her friend, actress Judy Austin’s marriage to Yul Edochie.

In a video posted online, Sarah Martins firmly advised the couple’s detractors to embrace the fact that they are truly meant for each other and inseparable.

Emphasizing that Yul and Judy are deeply in love and complement each other, she confidently stated that a real man remains where he feels loved and accepted.

“IS ENOUGH!! It’s time y’all take a chill pill and face your family problems! Zukwanuike!! Stop judging people you do not know! Leave judgment for God almighty!

Most of you are bitter souls suffering behind closed doors ! Suffering from emotional abuse! Financial abuse! Family abuse! And most of u have never experienced true love in its truest form that’s why you re extremely bitter with the power couple that can NEVER be separated no matter how much you try!

Focus and channel this bitter energy into finding your own missing rib and leave people alone! This couple compliment each other! They re made for each other! They re destined for each other and the sooner you understand it the better for your mental health! I wasn’t there the day they met and definitely not there the day they fell in love with each other.

I saw a soul tied humans and completely fell in love with the way they compliment each other and I couldn’t help but root for their happiness. This life is too short to deny yourself of happiness! A real man stays where he feels loved and accepted!

I once had an uncle that died as a sad man. He suffered from emotional abuse. In the eyes of the world he was a happily married man but in his home he’s marriage packed up 13yrs ago but he had to sacrifice his happiness just to please gullible people and to please his children.

If he had gotten another wife or given love a chance before dying, his wife would have played the victim and the world would have criticized him for abandoning the wife of his youth. My uncle died a sad man despite being a very wealthy man.

Since then, I do not judge people especially when marriage is involved because you only get to know or see what people display for you to see. Please give these people some break! It’s enough. Na man wey wear shoe know where e dey pain am! A real man will never set ring light, position camera and start pointing out the faults or flaws of his wife.

If you can’t accept people’s decisions on their personal lives then do not judge them for the decisions they make for their own happiness. I am also a victim of emotional abuse but it won’t stop me from cheering true love on. LIVE & LET LIVE”. She wrote.

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