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Though the Nigeria Civil war that commenced on 6th July, 1967 ended on 15th January, 1970 but an instrument and Apostle of Peace who detests conflicts talkless of war, Dr. Dawari Ibietela George delayed his coming into this world for six months and few weeks just to avoid the war situation until 1st July, 1970 when God in his infinite mercy and Grace decided to bless mankind with a special child in the person of Dr Dawari George.

In this regard, his friend and associate, Dr. Dakuku Adol Peterside a key political leader from Rivers State postulated that, “On the first of July, 1970 Mother Nature gave us one of the best gifts ever – the gift of a leader, friend and family in the person of Dr George… ”

He was born into a family of five children with a Baptist clergy, late Rev. George as a father with a mother who though not a Pastor but more than a Pastor as she is the Pastor of the family/home, while his father is the pastor of the Church.”

Two things his parents never took away from Dr. George and his siblings were imbibing Christian virtues in them and giving them the best education with the least educated person in his family as a Master’s degree holder.

Dr. Dawari George is a genius, a rare gem, pragmatic and a study in humility and throwing more light on this special gift to mankind, Dr Simone Weil highlighted, “Real genius is nothing else but the supernatural virtue of humility in the domain of thought” . it is when you encounters Dr. George that you will understand fully why Dr. Well could make such assertion about him.


Dr. George holds Ph.D in Political Economics and Development Studies with special interest in things of God, where he is providing Spiritual and Financial Seed in his capacity as the President, Men Missionary Union Africa, Baptist Church.

The Administration of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi brought us together right from 2008 when he was appointed the Senior Special Assistant SSA to Dr. Dakuku Peterside who then was appointed the Commissioner of Works and later elevated to the office of the Commissioner for Energy & Natural Resources and a member of the State Executive Council. He is one fellow whose love towards me and my family knows no bound.

He demonstrated this in various ways but profoundly in 2016 when I was admitted for a major surgery at University College Hospital Ibadan in Oyo State but ran short of the funds needed for the surgery. I was contemplating on suspending the surgery not minding that Doctors advised contrary but on the very day of the surgery, I got a call from Dr. George asking me, “Chief Eze, where are you?” I told him that I am at UCH Ibadan and he replied, “I am in Ibadan for a missionary work and will like to see you”. I don’t know whether to rejoice or cry but I came to the conclusion that God in His infinite mercy towards me sent his Angel to Ibadan on this very day just to ensure that I survived this surgery and to the Glory of God alone, Dr George deposited to the hospital the actual amount of funds needed for the surgery without even been told the amount needed for the surgery.

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Dr George is truly a gift to any person that crosses his path


In order to carry out his mission of peace in Nigeria he ventured into youth activism and was duly rewarded as the Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Rivers State Chapter. Later was elected the National President of the Men Missionary Union of Nigerian Baptist Convention.

Appointed as Commissioner for Energy & Natural Resources, consequentially from his leadership dexterity, He later ran and emerged as member, Federal House of Representatives, representing Akuku-Toru and Asari-Toru Federal Constituency where he served as member in the House Committees on Civil Society And Donor Agencies, Constituency Outreach, Emergency & Disaster Preparedness, Ethics & Privileges, Governmental Affairs, and Water Resources.

In the futile election of 2019 which Senator Abe and his group ensured that APC didn’t participate, Dr. George was stationed to fly the flag of the party should the candidature of Pastor Tonye Cole had an issue.

Dr George had his major leadership baptism and according to him, ” In the youth council, I had my first baptism of fire in public service. There, you had the good, the bad and the ugly. I went through hell in the hands of the youths. Your ability to be able to bring the different tendencies together; be able to control them and channel their energies, whether positive or negative, towards achieving the purpose of the youth organisation, you will know that, that will be the greatest challenge. I am not sure that there will be any changes I will face in life that will be more than being the chairman of the youth council. The experiences have been able to shape me”.

This period of his Chairmanship of the Youth Council was the height of militancy and cult activities in Rivers state. Combining that kind of sensitive office, with the negative things that were happening around, many people wondered how he was able to survive. There was also security challenge.

Sensing the above challenges and how Dr. George handled them with the greatest tact and harmony, Mr. Thomas a. Monson stated, “The principles of living greatly include the capacity to face trouble with courage, disappointment with cheerfulness, and trial with humility.”

Dr. George exhibited what a true Christian should be when he was appointed a Commissioner by ensuring that every Monday morning all members of the Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources, Rivers State, would gather in his office for prayers for 15 to 30 minutes, and he would be quoting copiously from the Bible to admonish his principal officers and staff. He was always punctual to work.

According to him “There were some things I confronted and I felt were not right: People coming late to work, absenteeism and all that. The prayers have taken care of that, without issuing a query to anyone. Before we agreed to pray, we agreed that we would not come to pray, then go back to do the same thing that people who do not pray do. We will not deceive ourselves. If a commissioner leads prayers and after that he is stealing and engaging in all kinds of things, then we will be deceiving ourselves. Absenteeism, late coming and all types of sharp practices that we came and met here, on the ground, most of them have been taken care of, by our coming together to pray,”.

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“Because of this, there was a strong bond of unity in the ministry and gives the staff an idea of how the leadership thinks. It gives everyone the idea of how the followership feels. They also lead the devotion and make contributions. With all that, the bond of unity was strengthened by our prayers.


Dr. George who was Chairman of the Rivers State chapter of the National Youth Council came out with the best result in secondary school at Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Borokiri, Port Harcourt.

He was a graduate of Political Science, though his first love was to read Law.

According to him, “I believe that God never wanted me to be a lawyer while in Class Three in secondary school, something was in my spirit that I will have a PhD in Political Science.”

He holds Masters Degree in Political Science, specialising in Political Economy, which is called Development Studies and also has his PhD in Political Science, also in Political Economy/Development Studies, all from the University of Port Harcourt.


First to congratulate him on this auspicious day was his boss, mentor and the APC Leader in the South South region, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, “It is my prayer that from this day, the Almighty shall guard and guide you in a new dimension, and build you into the image of His thoughts towards you”

The second political leader to pray for him on this special day was his bosom friend and brother, Dr. Adol Peterside immediate past DG of NIMASA,, ”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BROTHER, FRIEND AND CONFIDANT , Dr Dawari George ……. Dakuku Adol Peterside PhD

The Angels are singing Hosannah in the highest on the birthday of one of the saints . Happy birthday to a friend who is more than a brother. .Happy birthday God’s faithful servant . May the good Lord grant you long life and good health .

The third political Leader that remembered this great son of Rivers State was a man born honourable from birth, Rt. Hon. Barr. Asita Honourable the NIMASA Board Chairman who stated and I quote, “It brings me great joy to celebrate you today. i pray the Almighty God blesses you and wraps His mighty hands of protection around you on this special day and always”. Rt. Hon. Asita Honourable

In his reaction Mr. David Okumgba the Caretaker Zonal Secretary, South-South APC stated and I quote,

I most specially rejoice with one of Rivers’ finest politicians; a darling friend and brother, Dr. Dawari George on this memorable anniversary of his birth.

Dr. Dawari is one who hasn’t failed to attribute every singular success recorded to the grace of God. A true believer and Word practitioner of the Baptist faith he is, Dawari has meticulously weaved the fear of God into his politicking. Little wonder, his presence at the executive and legislative arms of government in times past left more than just a fleeting smile on the faces of Rivers’ electorates.

To this great friend of mine whose loyalty has survived the test of fire in the Amaechi Political Family, it is my prayer that the good Lord he serves will continue to enrich and protect him at all times. May his hands grab the earnest expectation of his heart in this new 365-day loop.

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Congratulations and a happy birthday my brother!”

While the bold and fearless Barr. Dike Princewill thundered thus in line with his character, “*HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A GOOD MAN, DR.DAWARI GEORGE*

George Chapman is apt in his averment that:”Advice is seldom welcome; and those who want it the most always like it the least”.

Had advice been hearkened, this God fearing and affable gentleman should have been Governor by now. Perhaps.

Observing that Rivers APC might not feature in the 2019 ballot , I accordingly advised leadership to adopt a Plan B option; that is to say, Dr. Dawari George be asked to go for a standby in any of the available plethora of political parties. As a gubernatorial candidate.

*If the obscure Engnr. Biokpomabo Awara of AAC could make the POS(Africa) sweat because of our marketing of him by us on social media in less than 48 hours, in less than 48 hours o; imagine a Dr. Dawari George being in the race a month preceding the poll! Your guess is as good as mine. Alas,the political buccanneers misled CRA! Na me talk am. Naim make we dey where we dey today o.*

Make we forget politics jari.

*Children of God, let us wish this bridge builder cum man of peace happy successful chromosome escape commemoration. Let line fall in pleasant plays for him.*

Happy birthday, my brother and friend, the DIG!”

While to another of his associate, “Happy Birthday, my dear brother, friend and associate, Dr. Dawari Ibietela George!
You are a rare gem, one in a Million.
Your kinds are rare to find; true to relationship, steadfast in your pursuits, committed to every noble cause, diligent in all assignments and humility personified. Our relationship has spanned from childhood to now, by virtue of our births”- Sunbeam to RA, BSF, BYF, BPK and MMU.

Yet , providence still found us in the same political family, based on shared ideologies.
I profoundly rejoice at what Jehovah, the God of our fathers has made of you, a true Ambassador, and I sure know the days ahead hold forth greater glories.
Congratulations, brother!!!


Dr. George who was overwhelmed by the love exhibited by his associates and in acknowledgement of all these prayers reacted thus, “Amen and Amen to your prayers and birthday wishes. Special appreciation to THE leader and boss Rt Hon CRA. May God continue to bless and keep us all 🙏🏽 Thank you family!”


Let me conclude this short treatise on a man that I can vouch for that though it is difficult to live the life of a true child of God in this type of environment that we have a living Saint in the person of Dr. George.

It is my sincere prayer and that of my family that our Almighty God will keep, guide, guard him until he actualises his vision and mission for mankind.

Happy Birthday my dearest brother!

Happy Birthday my dearest friend!!

Happy Birthday the King that will come!!

God bless you for us.

Eze Chukwuemeka Eze is a Media Consultant based in Port Harcourt and can be reached thru, ezemediaconcept2020@gmail.com and 08022049770

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