I have carefully gone through the reply of Senator Magnus Abe to the write-up of Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze.

First, I would like to express my revulsion at the perjorative and demeaning appellation of Chief Chukwuemeka Eze as a Late comer to the political affairs and manoevrings in APC R/S. But where was Magnus Abe, when in spite of his insinuated “lateness” Chief Eze was deemed eminently qualified to be appointed and entrusted with the sensitive office of Secretaryship of the new- PDP in the gestation period before APC’s emergence.

Let me also remind Senator Abe, that true Christians the world over are always cautious of alluding to someone’s “emptiness” because of his late arrival.
For even in our time today, the most inspiring lines in the Book of the New Testament scriptures, are those written by St Paul, formerly called Saul, an acknowledgeably “Late comer”, who even arrived the scene long after Our Lord Jesus Christ’ crucifixion and Ascension. St Paul’s Damascus experience suffused him with the Holy Spirit and triggered in him all the inspirational write-ups and testimonies that until today nourish our hungry souls.

I may today be desirous of pricking Magnus Abe’s conscience, by asserting that his facilitated cross-carpet metamorphosis from a moribund and inconsequential Minority party even though he was Leader, in the R/S House of Assembly into the Majority PDP Group remains his propellant Damascus experience, heralding all the juicy positions, whether as Commissioner, SSG etc we have so far witnessed in the man’s life. And who was the Chief Originator and Facilitator of that momentous movement: The RT. Hon. Amaechi, during his Speakership of the R/S House of Assembly.

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Again, one fundamental error of Senator Abe, has been holding on to tenaciously is the wrong pathway of the Power shift Pendulum-swing in R/S. Governorship alternation. It is not determined on the basis of Senatorial Constituency Delineation. In effect, it has always been an alternation between the Geographical Locations of the UPLAND/RIVERINE Communities, generally referred to in popular parlance as the Upland/Riv Dichotomy. To introduce some element of mischievous and puerile polemiking into the narrative is outrightly uncalled for.

To point at the river between my native Okporomini and Ihugbogo in Ahoada East LGA , and thereby conclude that there are rivers in all parts of Rivers State is being clever by half. Is that to be compared to the Ocean you have to cross to get to Bille, Bonny or Opobo. Let us for once be serious! And all the Riverine Communities are nearly all, if not all homogeneously ethnic Ijaws.
We were all early enough to witness the jubilation that erupted amongst the Abe flock, when the famous Rivers Courts ruled APC offside, such that the Party could not field ANY candidate at all echelons of the General elections in 2019.

The height of animosity that Senator Abe harbours for his rightly referable Mentor is simply unnatural, and indeed unacceptably imaginable.
Even we the late comers to the party, can today clearly designate
the major culprit, in seeking the demise of the APC in R/S.

The Party had in a gesture of desirable reconciliation obliged Senator Abe an extension period for membership revalidation, but he and his ever dissenting flock disregarded the directive…Why? And he has just alluded to the possibility of contesting for any post of his choice. But we ask, presumably under what Party platform? Don’t be surprised if they decide to go to court!

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We know those who never forgive in Rivers politics. Certainly, The RT Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is not one of them. I invite Senator Abe and his supporters to indicate their sincere intention to return to their Mentor’s fold today, and you can be assured of the joy that will ensue.

Chief O.J. Akiri is a former lecturer in scientific French at the Rivers State University, and a former Director-General in the Rivers State Ministry of Information and culture. A respected and notable Public Analyst based in Port Harcourt

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