Chef Dammy poses in new photos, responds to Ondo lady’s challenge to break her record

Chef Dammy poses in new photos, responds to Ondo lady's challenge to break her record


In a social media post, Nigerian chef Dammy Pas expressed her admiration for fellow chef Hilda Baci for her groundbreaking achievement in the cooking marathon.

Hilda Baci, a culinary expert has not only impressed Chef Dammy but has also become a source of inspiration for many young chefs, including Dammy herself.

"You don dey fat o" - Chef Dammy poses in new photos, responds to Ondo lady's challenge to break her record
A photo of Chef dammy. Photo Credit: @dammypas Source:Instagram

Chef Dammy took to her social media platform to publicly acknowledge Hilda Baci’s outstanding feat and commend her for setting the pace in the demanding cooking marathon.

Furthermore, Chef Dammy extended her support and encouragement to Chef Deo, another prominent Nigerian chef from Ondo State, who is currently attempting to break the record for the longest cooking marathon as an individual.

She wrote;

Motivation of any form has a source which others will build on; reason l’Il forever appreciate @hildabaci for setting the pace of marathon cooking for we the younger ones.

Thanks, you are a blessing to this generation. “My lovely colleague @deocookathon, keep moving the lord is your strength, I wish you success. No matter how you end yours, we are all winners being Nigerians, one love keeps us together.”

See below;

@maureen_mimidoo said; “If you really like cooking, l’ll advise you get registered in a culinary school. Let the public know about it. There’s no shame in learning what you don’t know. You’re not a chef yet. Get yourself enrolled. Anytime you learn something new from the class, recreate and post. Make sure you post it as update on your page often. You need to do something that will put you out there. Social media people are not a your family members. They’ll forget you in no time.”

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@wf_buggatti said; “U better Dey go class make u no late for ectures I don’t know when u turn motivationa speaker u way dey off gas pick beans.

@missmatilda_ said; “My own is please stop tagging Hilda to ur posts pls. U can make ur point without having to tag her, I feel it’s disrespectful.”

@kingnelson37 said; “Start creating cooking content, start selling food in school. Don’t let this fame fade, people might start unfollowing if there’s no proper engagement on the account.”

@omoye_wigss commented; “Please let there be engagements in this your account. Don’t let people get tired of viewing your post, create content with stuffs related to food if possible.”


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