Black Tuesday as 3 Friends Died the same Day, See What happened

From Allah, we come and to him, we should return. Death comes unexpected – so no one has the knowledge of when to leave the earth. Also, Death has no respect for who you are. It is a call and everyone must answer the call.

Family in Bachaka village area of Gudu Local Government, Sokoto State in tears as three of their kids lost their lives today.

As reported by a Facebook account known as Nasara, These three young boys died today been Tuesday, 5th January 2020, in a ghastly car accident.
I deeply commiserate with the family of these three kids and the entire people of Bachaka village. May God provide them with faith to bear the irreplaceable loss.
Also, may God forgive them their sins and grants them Jannatul Firdausi.

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