Be Wise Not To Fall Victim.

She was given a 300k contract.

As a caterer she was, she was meant to bring her team to cook at an event.

She was told to get another person too which she did.

The contract came from an anonymous person through phone call, initial 100k was deposited into their accounts.

They were not to bring anything, just them to cook.

She followed the description with her partner and other helpers. They got into a bush and saw police vehicles and policemen.

The police men blindfolded them and ushered them into a van but she was not worried because they were policemen.

She asked why they were blindfolded and they were told it is for security reasons.

They believed them.

After all, they are meant to protect the citizen.

They drove for hours and finally got to their destination.

They brought them out and it was a massive building with many exotic cars in it.

Policemen stood at alert with their guns.

The place was heavily guarded.

Seeing policemen gave them a calmed mind, its just for them to do their work, get paid and leave.

They didn’t see the owner of the building or the people that parked the cars. Just the policemen.

They took them to the backyard to start working and what they saw was something else.

They saw pots, pepper and other ingredient that is needed to cook.

They were expecting to see cows or goats, but instead, they saw many naked humans on their knees with their hands tied to the back.

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She was stunned and petrified but she couldn’t protests.

They only had one job.


These humans were slaughtered right in front of them, someone else butchered them while some washed them while they cook.

All the humans were killed and they cooked them as if they were cooking for a party.

Some were fried, some where boiled, some were cooked with soup.

After cooking, they were asked to taste from it. The woman ate from it while the partner she took along insisted that she was not going to eat.

She was slaughtered immediately and they told the woman to cook her and add her to the already fried one which she did.

She was asked to eat part of her meat.

She ate it.

After they were all done, they credited her with an additional 500k and credited the people that came to help her with 200k each.

These funds were not from a regular bank.

They were blindfolded, sedated and dropped in a bush near to the city.

She affirmed that human flesh is the most delicious meat she had ever tasted.

She died of depression the following month.

This is not a Fiction.

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