“As your Self-appointed adviser. I’m urging you, with all sense of humility in me, Sir to get set, prepare, there’s a throne to mount… Soon. The Political permutation and calculation favours and smile radiantly at you. None… I repeat, none of the Presidential aspirants from the Southern part of Nigeria can equal the fame and credentials you enjoy today in the North. Not even the “Godfather ” himself. Your work, track record and doggedness speak for itself.

It is pertinent to choose wiselyūüôĄ from the pool of eminent Northern Vice- Presidential Aspirants. Whoever made the right choice of Vice president, automatically becomes the incoming President. A Vice with Electoral backing, not a Political baggage.

History must not repeat itself. Goodluck lost his bid for second Term partly due to his decision to reject the choice of Ahmed Makarfi, and settled for Namadi Sambo, who was an SA to Gov Makarfi then. Gov. Makarfi singlehandedly made him Governor to succeed him. Namadi has virtually, no Electoral Value. So not surprised PDP lost severally, in Namadi’s Polling Unit and North in general.

Today, Nasir El-Rufai and Umar Zulum pull so much political weight, with ample Electoral Value. While El-Rufai is serving his last tenure, Umara Zulum has unfinished business with governance in Maiduguri. He undoubtedly, would love to position Borno in its dominant position as a power house of North East. That lives El-Rufai, who will be available and ready, to serve. This is where it gets tricky…

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Since I know you to be a workaholic, and your penchant for building Nigeria, you got yourself a partner sir. If your intention is to work, then El-rufai is your Vice. But if you become paranoid, just like GEJ did, you will fall for a softy, a push around, and eventually one with no Electoral Value.

The Religious card favours you also . While the “godfather” will be struggling to get a suitable and acceptable Christian from the North. Which will be vehemently frown at by the Northern Electorate power blocks( Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Borno). The Vice, with no Political machinery and a bit of a feel of a slight from his ‘godfather’ hounding his back, will struggle to make impact even if he eventually finds himself in the den of “Failures” . I intentionally left out the Red Cap Crooner of the Ancient city of Kano. His flip-flops has reduce his Electoral value within the Kano political divide.

So this is the time to cash in and choose wisely and the throne is within your graspūüôŹ”

Adam Usman Buhari”

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